Zellepay for Donations

I found few churches using Zellepay for donations. Any guidance on how best to do this? Would be great if there was an API to automatically match donations with the church member.



My guidance would be not to use it.

This was the reply I got from Zelle.

Zelle® is a new way to send and receive money between almost any U.S. bank account, typically within minutes, when both the Sender and the Recipient are enrolled in Zelle. The Zelle App does not support enrollment using a business account. However, some participating financial institutions may allow for small business accounts to be enrolled in Zelle through their own online or mobile banking applications. In addition, corporate clients can send disbursement payments to consumers via Zelle through a participating financial institution.

We recommend reaching out to your financial institution’s customer support team for more details on available options and account eligibility.

I agree with Alex. I would not recommend using Zelle for giving. I don’t even use it for personal money transfers after reading some of the horrible customer service stories when there were issues sending/receiving money. I use PayPal for that.

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