Zebra Printer for Rock

Looking to see if anybody is selling any Zebra ZD420d or ZD500 with cutters before I order new one. We are moving to Rock, and getting one for testing in next week. If anyone has any they are willing to sell, shoot me an email with price.


Hey Mike, We don’t have any we are selling but we do have a ZD420d in stock if you want to just borrow it for testing first before you order one. I would recommend the 420d over the 500 though. We have been very happy with the zd420d with Rock. Since we are just right done the road from you, thought I would offer.

We have those listed on our minimum spec sheet along with our discounted cost, sourced through @tomtemplin at Ciber. You can access a copy at handouts.mbsinc.com.

Mike -whatever you do, get the cutter option. :wink:
For competitive pricing, check out IT1.com… ask for Justin Westrich


Thanks for the offer! I went ahead and ordered one from IT1 to get us by until we deploy later in the year.

What kind/where are you getting labels for Rock zebra printers?

https://www.labelsdirect.com/ Is where we get our labels

We just purchased 8 of the Zebra ZD420s about two months ago. I went through Lisa and Justin Westrich at iT1 and they got us good pricing. I also went through them for the Z-perform labels as well.

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We are on ROCKrms and are using a variety of Zebra printers. Wired GX420D, ZD500D and ZD620D all with cutters (need to be all in or not when it comes to how Rock works best). We use https://www.discountthermallabels.com/ and are using 3x3 labels. IF you need any help with Rock hit me up on the RocketChat channel (goto community.rockrms.com) as @billsheelergt

Mike, I DO not have a Zebra printer for sale but am interested in talking to anyone about RockRMS! I am studying it for implementing it in our sister church, which uses spreadsheets right now - not a large church!

blessings to you!