YouTube locked , can’t upload video or schedule live streams

Our church YouTube is not allowing g us to upload videos or schedule live events. I don’t know what to do. I have attached to images of what I’m seeing. No emails have come to the account informing us of any strikes on the account. It worked great last weekend. Anyone have any advice?

Sounds an awful lot like you’ve gotten copyright strikes. What do you get when you click “learn more” in that link?

@CGreenTX – helping Phil here (work at same church) when we click settings this is what we’re seeing.

It’s possible someone has enabled YouTube Restricted Mode on your organization account if you’re logging in with gSuite or on your network/endpoints if they are centrally managed. Otherwise, you’ve likely triggered a community strike suspension. These should display in your channel settings.

It’s also possible a network or security device or software is preventing reliable access to the Youtube Studio. With such oddly cropped screenshots it’s difficult to see if there’s anything more obviously wrong, but trying from home might be a good option just to rule out some things.

We finally heard back from Youtube. I contacted them on their twitter account and received a message back in less than 24 hours. They said that some other users have reported the same issue and they are working to find a solution.

We figured out that the only way we can interact with our youtube account is through iOS devices and apps. We can upload videos through the Youtube app and add thumbnails. We can also manage our videos, live, and content with YouTube Studio app. The apps themselves will let us schedule live events and go live but only using our phone or tablet cameras.

For Sunday services we are using a sling studio to stream to our channel and schedule live streams. I had a chance to test and unlisted stream today and it was fine for over an hour of streaming. We have to sign into our Youtube account in the sling studio app. We usually use an RTMP but this will have to do until Youtube finds a solution for us.

Thanks everyone who jumped in with suggestions, awesome to see how quickly the community reached back out. Missed seeing everyone in person at CITN, hopefully this year will be different.