XBox Update and Network Connectivity

Does anyone use Xbox consoles with their youth program? We have three consoles that are intentionally offline so kids cannot play online games or against non-local players. As I understand, the student ministry team will connect as needed to run certain games but then the console will request an update which our firewall blocks.

I can take the device and run the updates on a private network, but the problem is when the console locks on Sunday because we missed an update. Any suggestions on best practice for setting up several gaming consoles in a large network and keeping them current yet secure?

We have a college student and avid gamer who is responsible to keep things functional. We don’t use them on Sundays but at the events where they are used, he comes in early to make sure they are ready to go. You may find that someone in your church who isn’t in student ministries now will find this to be the perfect way to serve.

I’m pretty sure parental controls can block XBox Live access without resorting to using the network for filtering…

  1. The ability to play online games is behind a paywall “XBOX LIVE” so, the unit can be connected to the internet and download updates without the worry of Online Multiplayer.
  2. If “Xbox Live” is present, you can control access to it with Parental Controls.