Worship Center Visual Paging for notifying parents

Our church is currently using https://microframecorp.com/products/visual-paging to display a Childs security code to let them know there is an issue with their kid. We have experienced some issues with them and was wondering what other options people are using out there?

Our worship team does not want to use texting or to be displayed on the projector screens because they feel that it hurts the experience.


Hi, Tony. We use the same system and were having all sorts of problems…until we all downloaded the new app. If you don’t already have it, search for Microframe D4500 as the name of the app.
Terry Schordock
Bay Presbyterian Church

We use Microframe also at all our campuses without any issues for last 8 years. We do only use the wireless ones, but not the wifi. I tried the wifi model at one campus and didn’t like it and has few issues with it, so went back to wireless ones and everything worked great.

Hey Mike!

Thanks for the comment. We use the wifi model and have some disconnecting issues.

So the main problems we are having is the displays keep disconnecting from wifi randomly and we have to reset them and reconnect. Also we do not use the app currently we have volunteers manning computers with the software downloaded on the PC. We also found out that Microframe seems to be moving away from the desktop version of the software which is a hit to us.

We use the wireless (not wifi) version of microframe for 10+ years, and haven’t (ever) had an issue with. It operates through buildings that are 500 feet apart. We were also wanting to know what else was out there for visual paging, since the displays are kinda pricey, and we’d like to use it in more places.