Workstation for video editing - is this config beefy enough

Our webmaster’s computer needs to be replaced. His machine is also used for video editing.

I have a quote for a replacement tower. I’d love some opinions on whether it’s beefy enough.

Intel Core i7-6700 3.4 8m 4c Tower
32 gb RAM
Nvidia Quadro k1200 4g 1st GFX

You might consider using an SSD to do the actual editing on and maybe the 1 TB drive for other storage.

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Assuming Adobe Premiere Pro CC, that should work well. One concern I see is that your graphics card is not specifically on the Recommended GPU list:

@jesse-pathway mentioned getting an SSD. I would not make an SSD optional for any computer doing video editing. It makes a huge difference.

To augment what @benfifield said about Premiere Pro and video cards, my experience is that the number of CUDA cores on nVidia cards makes a big difference for transcoding. The card you selected has 512 cores but there are others that have upwards of 1500. While not all of them are on the ‘approved’ list, it’s easy to edit the cuda_supported_cards.txt file to add them and get the benefit of the hardware cores.

My last video station build several years ago ended up with an nVidia GTX 660Ti for its 2GB DDR5, 1344 cores, and being very affordable. There are newer cards with more cores these days. For example, the 980 Ti has 2816 but goes for $700-ish. You can comparison shop at: to make a CUDA cores vs price tradeoff.

Note that your Quadro card offers acceleration for Speed Grade (GeForce cards don’t) so if that is really important for you, you’ll probably want to stick with the Quadro card.

Oh, and I echo the SSD requirement.

We kept the video card because our software can’t take advantage of the card’s resources anyway. (Pinnacle Studio)

We added a SSD hard drive and kept the other drive as additional storage.

I was aiming for $2000 and came in a hair under. Everyone, thanks for the help.