Wifi Sit Survey

Does anyone know of a good Wifi site survey vendor? We are looking at having a survey completed before we upgrade our whole system. Not concerned about coverage so much as interference and any other possible issues. I have a weird “Bermuda Triangle” area that gets wonky once in a while.

We are in Columbia, MO so KC or STL vendors would be good. National ones too if they are willing to come to us.


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Hey Steve, We do wireless surveys are willing to travel. Do you have diagrams that are to scale we can review?


Can confirm, they do a great job too.


Chris and BEMA did a great job for us (very recently) and we are more than thrilled with the results.

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BEMA for sure.

If I was still in the business of such things, I’d be happy to do it. But BEMA will do a great job.