Which Remote Control Software

What remote control software is recommended? We use VNC internally, but externally we use Log Me In Central. It has been a great platform, however, the price keeps going up so I’m considering alternatives.

We were using ShowMyPC but that has become more expensive as well.

We are starting to use Skype For Business because presenters can show their screen. Since we’re an office 365 shop, everyone here gets S4B as part of their subscription.

Our conference calling system, AT Conference, just reminded me about their web conference platform. It’s only $10 per month but they have a 5 license minimum. If you aren’t a Skype for Business subscriber, it could be a good deal.

AT Conference. Only $9.99 per month
Desktop and application sharing
• Webcam video
• Chat
• File transfer
• Audio integration
Remote desktop control
• Whiteboarding
• VoIP audio capabilities
• Mobile integration

For internal support needs, where you have a small handful of people accessing a lot of machines, ScreenConnect is well respected and relatively well priced.

But if you have a (relatively) large number of people accessing a number of machines, you really don’t have a lot of effective, inexpensive options.

We still use LogMeIn Central - although the price increases are starting to annoy us.

At the end of the day unattended access is not rocket science, and I presume a reasonable competitor will be on the scene in the next ~3 years.

Karl P

We use ScreenConnect with an On Premise Deployment. The licensing is inexpensive and its a perpetual license so we don’t have to keep paying yearly renewals! It works flawlessly and there are lots on customization options.

LogMeIn central – one of those “it’s so simple and easy and we’ve been using it a long time and won’t change until we really have to” solutions. We have a number of staff and volunteers that we allow to remote into machines on prem (mainly production arts machines), which is a feature we really like.
Jason Powell
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We just switched from LogMeIn to https://www.bomgar.com/.

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I use Simple Help https://simple-help.com/

It’s Java based so runs on everything. It can be slow sometimes and finicky, but it’s one you can buy outright to run on your server.

Another for ConnectWise Control (ScreenConnect).

Lots of licensing to choose from. You’ll probably stop using vnc after you start using this.

If each user has 10 or less nodes to remote-in here is a free option:
I use it (just for the basics, even though it has a robust feature set) and it works really well.

We use OpenVPN, a free open source system that can be locked down hard. They have a virtual appliance suitable for Hyper-V here


and the instructions for installing the client on your PC are here


I participated in the IETF process that created IPSEC, and I consider OpenVPN to be more secure.


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Team Viewer (https://teamviewer.com/en/)

Splashtop Remote Support https://www.splashtop.com/remote-support

Their MSP product enables not only unattended support but also gives you the option to give other people remote access to their computers as well. In my use case, I have all of the production computers across all three campuses in a group to which I give the AV staff access. IT reasonably well and it’s inexpensive. ($249/year for 100 Computers)

We just switched to screenconnect from VNC and we love it!!