Where can we get notes from the workshops

Looking for notes from presenters in workshops. Some said they would post online but don’t know where and don’t have everyone’s email address

Presenter emails and notes (if any) should be on sched.org under their sessions.

Yeah, me too. I didn’t see anything there. I know one presenter (IT Budget session) said they would post slides, but perhaps I’m overlooking something.

I didn’t issue notes for my session, but here is the screencast video…

I did a one-hour talk on MobileReports (dashboards) at CITRT. I recorded the gotowebinar. This is the new technology available with SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition

Aside from stepping away from the laptop a few times the audio is tolerable. Here is the URL to the dropbox file:

If you have an hour and want to understand how MobileReports in SQL Server 2016 (Enterprise) will work, you may want to check it out.

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Looks like you have to right click on this video player and “open video in new tab” if you want to watch it.

please place conference notes in the Conference Notes thread at 2016 Event Notes :slight_smile: