What to be on the 2017 #PrizePatrol?

Would you like to help on the 2017 National Conference #PrizePatrol?

Help pick out what prizes we give away and how we do it…
Help give away prizes at the conference.

Get an awesome #PrizePatrol T-Shirt
(Ok… maybe not a T-Shirt, but the pride of being a giver of goodness to our attendees).

If you are interested post in this thread.

You know I’m interested in this.

Are there canon or other siege implements involved?

Perhaps a T-shirt Trebuchet?

T Shirt rocket launcher :slight_smile: I’m in

I envision Jason Lee on stage yelling to the crowd “You get a prize and you get a prize and you get a prize.”

How about some surprise prizes - to be brought by the representing church or the person nominating. These could be both “Thank you for a great job” prizes that would be serious and “Really you did that prizes” that would be goofy (not insulting) prizes. Both would be given on stage and the people would have to open the box in front of the crowd.

Just to make it official - I’m in again.