What KPIs do you track?

I’m curious what key performance indicators you are tracking to measure the health and growth of your churches. What software do you use to visualize the metrics? Would you mind sharing a sample? I’m looking to create a simple, easy-to-read, visual report with meaningful metrics. We have metrics that are important to us, but I’m wondering what everyone else is doing as well.

Hey Steve!

We have seven campuses and use CCB for ChMS. Every week, we send an email with attendance per campus as well as a YoY comparison.

Every month we send a one pager Google doc to each campus which includes three gauges (built in Excel):

  1. Assimilation - YTD attendance growth
  2. Groups participation - as a % of average weekly attendance
  3. Dream Team (volunteer) participation - as a % of average weekly attendance

The Lead Team and campus pastors also receive giving metrics, compared to budget and YoY. We have built these in Smartsheet.

Hope that is helpful. Pls PM me if you would like to see examples.

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I’m spending a lot of time on this. I was hoping to see a lot of others jump in before I said anything. Here are the general areas: worship, classes/groups, financial giving, serving inside/outside the church, sharing faith. We want to see congregants engaging in these ways individually and with others at church. We want to see increasing engagement from congregants as well as a steady flow of new people trying us out. We also want to see community impacts resulting from our programs such as better marriages, more kids succeeding in school, better health outcomes, increased economic activity/jobs, etc. We’ve been spending a lot of time with spreadsheets, PowerBI, Gloo, and a volunteer data scientist. Much of our recent work is in learning how to use PowerBI for visualization and analysis. I don’t have a lot to show for it yet other than visualization of worship attendance trends across our campuses and services.

Hey Steve,

I produce 4 weekly dashboards for our campus pastors, executive team, finance committee, and elders. Each group receives a different view based on the data important for their role. Our main data buckets are Attendance, Contributions, Serving, and Spiritual Formation (includes visitors, members, small groups, and baptisms). We use FellowshipOne for CMS and all data and analysis is done in Python and Power BI. Here’s a list of our currently-tracked data that appear on at least one of the dashboards.


  • Weekly Adults, Kids, Students, and Total by Campus and Service Time for Current and Last Year
  • YTD Average Total Attendance line chart with Y/Y variance
  • YTD Average Total Attendance gauge with target for current year
  • YTD Average Y/Y Variance line chart with church-wide and per-campus breakdown
  • Line charts for weekly Adults, Kids, and Students


  • Weekly total for General Fund and Special Fund
  • YTD total for General Fund and Special Fund with Y/Y comparison
  • YTD Variance to Budget weekly line chart
  • Total Households giving
  • YTD Average Giving per Household
  • YTD Average number of Gifts per Household
  • Weekly and YTD combination chart of Special Fund giving
  • Y/Y General Fund Giving Variance by Campus


  • Weekly Volunteers Total
  • 4-Week Unique Volunteers (how many individuals have served over past 4 weeks)
  • YTD Unique Volunteers (how many individuals have served in current year)
  • Serving by Campus and Area table
  • 4-Week Unique Serving by Campus and Area table
  • YTD Unique Volunteers by Campus table
  • Serving totals by week line chart
  • Serving Engagement Gauge with Goal (4-week unique volunteers divided by 4-week median auditorium attendance)

Spiritual Formation:

  • Total Individuals on a small group Roster with break-downs for Adult, College, Students, Young Pros
  • Small Groups Engagement (total roster divided by 4-week median auditorium attendance)
  • Visitors YTD with per-campus breakdown
  • New Members YTD with per-campus breakdown and percentage of Visitors that become Members
  • Baptisms YTD with per-campus breakdown and percentage of Visitors that get baptized.
  • Total visitors by campus and week line chart.

Let me know if you need any other info. I’m happy to help!

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@derrickg Super interesting post! thanks for sharing!
Are your python scripts on GitHub?

Due to the workflow required for the dashboard, these scripts had to be written directly within the Power Query Editor in Power BI which has its own formatting requirements. I’m in the process of reformatting for GitHub. I’ll send GitHub links when they’re ready.