What KPIs do you track?

I’m curious what key performance indicators you are tracking to measure the health and growth of your churches. What software do you use to visualize the metrics? Would you mind sharing a sample? I’m looking to create a simple, easy-to-read, visual report with meaningful metrics. We have metrics that are important to us, but I’m wondering what everyone else is doing as well.

Hey Steve!

We have seven campuses and use CCB for ChMS. Every week, we send an email with attendance per campus as well as a YoY comparison.

Every month we send a one pager Google doc to each campus which includes three gauges (built in Excel):

  1. Assimilation - YTD attendance growth
  2. Groups participation - as a % of average weekly attendance
  3. Dream Team (volunteer) participation - as a % of average weekly attendance

The Lead Team and campus pastors also receive giving metrics, compared to budget and YoY. We have built these in Smartsheet.

Hope that is helpful. Pls PM me if you would like to see examples.

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