What info to collect during account creation?

What helpful demographic info should we collect from folks as they’re creating an account?
We’re grabbing First and Last Name and Employer at the moment.
I’m thinking city,state would handy to reference.

Clicking through our Early Adopters, I’m not seeing very many people filling out the optional location / url fields but it seems the people that want to really be engaged are filling it out. If we have a good use for the data, I’m fine with collecting it but it also creates a barrier to getting people signed up and using the new system.

I dont have a personal website so I didnt fill out the URL field.

I assume people will fill out some stuff in their profile, I’m just more thinking are there tidbits like location that would be really handy when looking at who’s posting.

If I could figure out a good way to handle it, I think promoting to Trust Level 1/2 when a profile is complete would be a good carrot - especially to get pictures - without leaving people who don’t feel comfortable completely in the dark.

I should probably also clarify what trust levels include…

What do Trust Levels do?

Yeah, one of the things I like about the city is how they really try to discourage anonymity by using full name vs username, encouraging a headshot pic, etc. This forum is to encourage community so whatever we can do to help foster that the better.

Just to see how much effort it would take, I went through and adjusted trust levels for everyone. It didn’t take very long.

Also, if you don’t have a name and a picture you’ve been bumped to trust_level_0 :wink:

Given the high percentage of DMs on Slack, not being able to use PM functionality might be a motivator to fill in profiles.

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