What does YOUR Church Use?

Hey All we had some discourse on discord regarding what everyone uses at their Church - so I created this survey

There’s a field for church name, city, state, just trying to minimize duplicates there - if you know you’re the only one at your church that will answer and you’d rather not put your church info in there feel free to put whatever you want in there. I’ve marked all of them as not required and some allow for multiple answers as well. I figure I’ll gather some data and post the results to this thread.


Pro-tip: If you fill out the survey set this thread to “Watching” to make sure you see any follow-up.


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Suggestion: add a category for ticketing/task management systems

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What about phone systems?

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Can I come back later and edit my answers?

Hmm not sure but you can DM me on discord if you want to send me an update :smiling_face: I’m just about done compiling the results into Excel - it’s been a lil crazy over here… But I should have something to share by EOD Friday

Ok FINALLY I compiled the data. Here it is. Let me know if anybody wants me to add information I added some questions after you submitted your answers. Also if you want any other charts let me know.

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Had a few more entries - just updated the charts excel sheet