What do you think is better DigitalOcean or Microsoft Azure

I am looking for a hosting server and as you all know that DigitalOcean and Microsoft Azure comes into mind as they are among the best hosting service provider. So, what do you think is the better option DigitalOcean or Microsoft Azure. Actually, I will be attaining their managed servers as their are companies like Cloudways and Rackspace who can do the job of the Server management for us.

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There are a myriad of hosts out there, and the best one for your needs probably depends a lot on what your specific needs are. Do you know what you’re planning on running there? Will you need VPN Connectivity? Are you aware of the Azure grants for non-profits? Have you priced out server management yet and are you sure you want to go with a “server management” company and not a more broad managed service provider that could help with other IT needs?

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Depends what do you want to run. If you want to run Wordpress then I would recommend using InMotion Hosting. If you want to run VMs then using Azure might be cheapest as you can use the non-profit grant that is given annually.

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@Norman is correct; it depends on what you want to host. Our firm is also a cloud host-- in a certified Tier 4 (highest rating) datacenter where we only host Christian churches and ministries’ servers. File servers, Exchange servers, database servers, VoIP PBXes, and more.

We have stuff hosted in Azure and Digital Ocean but also some storage out in AWS and Backblaze. If you need to host Microsoft operating systems then Azure is the way to go, otherwise the options for Linux really depend on how you are planning on architecting a solution. If you list out what your hosting requirements are, there is a lot of expertise here for pointing to a good hosting solution. :sunglasses: