What do you think about ThirtySeven4?

(Douglas Gardei) #1

Hello Everyone! How are you? I’m good, Thank you! I need to get a new antivirus for my school. We currently we have AVAST, but they are not honoring our price matched initial purchase price for our renewal. So I am on the market for new software. AVAST and AVG are no longer an option. ThirtySeven4 gave me a cold call recently and initially it looks like a promising product. Doing a google search, there is not much information about 374. There is reviews from 2013 which is pretty much negative. Then I found a thread hear from a year ago, where there was some positive comments. Now that its 2017, I would like a feel of what people think of 374. I went through an webinar with them and it looks impressive. But Is it worth switching to? How does it compare to Avira? Any suggestions to another antivirus/security to look into that is budget friendly? Thanks for all of your input!

(Andy Baker) #2

Hello Douglas,
I can’t comment on comparing 374 to Avira, but I can tell you over 2 years ago we switched from Symantec Endpoint Protection which for 150 endpoints costs us about $2000., to 374.
We haven’t had any major infections since making the switch. I’ve experienced very few problems with using or configuring the product, and the times I have had to use support, they were responsive and offered a quick solution. What else can you ask for, and they are a part of our CITN community!

(Greg Brenneman) #3

Use it for our school, works great with modest resource needs. Great folks to work with. Highly recommend them.

  • Greg

(Craig Mashburn) #4

We have been using 374 for several years. No infections and has worked great.

(Jonathan Smith) #5

We love Thirtyseven4. Switched to them from Symantec years ago and haven’t looked back. Great price, tremendous features, and support. So far we haven’t had anything get through and the capabilities really make it worth the investment. We are doing a lot with 1 install. Highly recommend.

(Kenny Snow) #6

We just started with them this year but so far we really like it. Small footprint, great dashboard, easy to manage, great support!

(Lily Jonson) #7

my apps for security and disaster management:

Mail Backup X for backing up my Outlook and Mac mails plus restorations
Time Machine for rest files and folders
Norton Antivirus for virus protections.
I haven’t tested 374 yet. Is it that good?

(Craig Mashburn) #8

374 has been working great for us for years. Not a single infection.

(Brad Crawley) #9

We transitioned from Avast to 374 and it’s been great!

(Theresa Pluckter) #10

We LOVE 374. The rate of nuisance ware stopped. Support is great. The virtual firewall that protects the client when offsite is great.