Way Finding iPad Signage

Does anyone know of a way to remotely manage 100+ iPads as way finding signage? The idea is to replace all the paper signs outside of classrooms and meeting spaces with a wall mounted iPad. Each device would display unique information about that room (schedule, name, contact info, food, etc) and all devices could be remotely changed as needed without physically visiting each device. Of course all of this needs security features that prevents anyone from changing the display.

Looking for software, if it exists. We already have older devices and an MDM.

Something like Teem or Robin might come close.

Wow, those look pretty slick; gives me something to research and test out. Thanks!

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We use Teem for our conference rooms and have been pleased. We don’t do anything as complex as what you are wanting though.

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you already have Profile Manager for the Mac as part of the Server suite, which you use to manage the iPads. You can use this to install Keynote if you want something fancy, which you can force to load and run a presentation. Alternatively you can upload something on another app as simple as Text Edit or preview with the required file. You can also lockout the user controls so that it doesn’t respond to button presses.
An alternative to ProfileManager would be Jamf, but I haven’t checked out the functionality on this.

However, for a deployment that big, I would look at something less expensive and desirable as an iPad. E.g invest in less hardware, but more software, so something like a low-cost android unit, where you can lock the device into web mode and it pulls its information off a simple internal web server. With what you save on hardware cost, you could probably afford to pay for a customised web-based system tailored to your specific needs.