Watermark Church temperature

On a scale from “warm” to “as cold as Hoth/Newspring Church”, how cool is the auditorium at Watermark? Getting ready to pack :slight_smile:

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Sounds like we will not be in their main auditorium. I have been in it a few times over the years and never thought it to be cold. But I think we will be in the children’s area.

HA! You’re headed to Texas, my friend. The auditorium is the least of your worries!
We’re headed from high of 90 (Sunday) to high of 73 (Wednesday) during your short stay. You should feel lucky…normally we do that in one afternoon!

Sorry, I have no real answer to your actual question. But I couldn’t resist making a Texas weather comment/joke. Hope you don’t mind.

I, too, live in Dallas. My wife notes that she’s always colder in the summer (seemingly 9 months of the year around here) due to the extensive use of A/C. Personally, I like it a little cooler, but if you plan on going to any indoor restaurants while here, you’ll want to wear layers anyway.

Per Scott Miller – “bring a parka” :slight_smile:

We’ve actually been raising the temperature at the Anderson campus. :cowboy_hat_face: I can’t remember being cold in the last year.

Thanks for posting. This helped with my packing


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