Volunteer computer

Been getting several requests for computers to be used by volunteers for accessing material needed for their volunteer roles, printing materials, and presenting powerpoint presentations.

Should I join these computers to the domain?
If not, how do I enforce security/updates, etc?

Thought about a chromebook but the powerpoint requirement gives me pause. Any ideas?

Hi Ted, the way we do this is ALL church owned computers are on the Domain. We also create generic “volunteer” accounts for ministries since the role can have high turnover. We have no shortage of desktops, several spare/loaner laptops and often have a desk or workspace that is not currently in use. The ministries keep track of who comes when and the volunteer typically uses an existing PC on the network.

Ted, we pretty much do the same as James B and manage it similarly.
As far as equipment the same as well. If we do need to replenish our loaner laptop pool, we’ve been going with Lenovo Thinkpad 11e or Yoga 11E for between $300-$400 depending on config.
We also use Meraki MDM to help us keep track and manage them.

What type policies do you guys apply through Group Policy to the volunteer accounts?

  • The most critical Group Policy consideration would be pushing out printers they might need; and, more importantly, be sure the volunteer logon does not have access to drive shares that should only be accessible to staff.
  • The main way you could get tripped up on a GPO is one that applies to any domain user or computer.
  • Greg