VoIP Provider DDoSes and Responses

Over the last few weeks, a few VoIP Providers have experienced significant outages or degradation of services due to DDoS attacks including VoIP.ms and Bandwidth.com. As consumers of these services, there’s very little we can do to prevent or mitigate a failure - especially when we may not even be a direct customer of the affected provider so I wanted to make a thread for folks to drop some wisdom on how you respond to these issues. This is really similar to when Office 365 has an outage or your ChMS provider has an outage.

How do you respond to major system outages?
  • Do nothing, hope for the best.
  • Add a notice on the website/main phone number/ChMS Portal.
  • Mass text/call/email with updates.
  • Close the building and go home.
  • Something else (reply to the post!)

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We usually weather the outage as best we can, and then usually decide to add a backup service if the service is actually critical. Not sure if phones are critical, but I will be prepping a pitch for an alternative to our current single-point-of-failure setup with our external phone number. I am guessing we will pick up a toll-free number or add a backup number to our public profiles.