VOIP Conference Phones

What are you using for a conference phone for audio-only conferences?
We have a ShoreTel system and I’m not currently using one of their conference phones. I was curious what others are using as a VOIP conference phone.

Our school has a ShoreTel system, with the IP480 phones, and their speaker works very well for conference call. Were you thinking speakerphone, or something else?

  • Greg

Hi Greg, I was thinking as a conference option for a larger conference room. Speaker phone works well if only 1 or 2 people speak, but in a larger group with multiple speakers, they need something with multiple microphones.

I’ve got a Polycom conference phone on order. It has add-on microphones that can be purchased for larger rooms, which I will probably need after testing the phone in a fairly large conference room.

Thanks Hugh, we have an old PolyCom Soundstation analog phone as well. Is the Polycom you ordered analog?

The one I have on order is a Polycom IP 6000 (VoIP), which has proprietary add-on microphones specific to that model. You might check with Polycom to see if they have mics specifically designed for your model of phone.

Thanks for the additional information Hugh.

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