I have been tasked with looking into video/teleconference systems for our church. Mainly for staff meetings (about half in room and half wanting to remote in). We have tried Zoom on computer with external mics hooked up, but looking for more robust system that has better video/audio. I used Polycom with ISDN long time ago, but I know IP is way to go now. So looking for recommendations and if any profit pricing out there from any vendors?


We have moved to Micrsoft Teams for all of our church video/teleconferencing. You can buy Teams Rooms products through several venders that help you setup conference rooms. You can talk to @CGreenTX with BEMA. Enable is also a CITN partner and an option to contact. BEMA just helped us with our Teams migration for voice.

If you are wanting a true Video Conferencing system and don’t want to use Teams, I have used LifeSize in the past at the bank and it worked very well. When we tested LifeSize against Polycom, LifeSize won out in most areas in our tests. Of course, this was 10 years ago so things may have changed.

We are looking into Meeting Owl. It might be worth checking out:

Looks interesting, but shipping is out 2 months from now.

I ordered one of the “refurbished original models for non-profits” at $399 and got it in a week. Havent’ had a chance to try it yet.


Good to know, I will look into refurb. ones.


It looks like the refurbs for non-profits are sold out. You can add
yourself to a “notify me” list.

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