Video Storage Solutions

So now that church has moved online, we are creating all this video content that is using a lot of storage. How are you storing all the content(cheap NAS, file servers, cloud)?

We would like to get reliable backups for this content but it is quickly filling up our local file server and our Office 365 cloud based storage is cost prohibitive.

What solutions are working for you?

Our TV dept records everything and never throws anything away. They have resorted to just buy continually larger and larger hard drives and file them away like how they used to file away beta tapes or whatever came before that. I think right now we are buying 8-10 TB drives every month or so. These are for archival purposes only of the entire service. Additionally, I maintain a library collection of sermon-only videos which I convert to DVD masters if ever something is ordered at the Bookstore.

Royce’s suggestion is one… and although may be among the cheaper and more agile options, it lacks backup due to fire, failing disk, etc…

B2 might be among the cheapest providers out there. Microsoft offers churches the generous Azure credit. Amazon Glacier is pretty cheap too.

Would love to know what others are using.

We have about 40TB of media now (Expected to grow by 10-15 per year) on a way over spec’d, but quickly aging SAN.

We have been looking at NAS options and the leading idea now is a New Synology NAS with and then backup locally to either the SAN or a cheap Small Biz grade QNAP we have, hopefully replacing the following year with an additional Synology. Also will utilize B2 for a Cloud backup.

We too use a NAS approach with backups.