Video over IP solution recommendations

Hi all! We’re looking for a little guidance on a temporary solution for video distribution over IP. We’re just about to complete a new addition to our building and we don’t have the budget for the full recommended AV solution for running the screens in the foyer area. What we’re starting with is a patch panel for all of the IP Cat6 cables run to each screen location. Here’s what we want to do for our initial setup:

Apple TV source (HDMI) to run screen content on all of the screens. The same content should to all of the screens.

I believe we need
1 - Apple TV
1 - HDMI to Cat6 Encoder
1- Distributor/switch to split and connect to the patch panel
5 - cat6 to HDMI decoders for each of the TV’s to be connected

Can anyone recommend the gear to look at for each of the above? The full blown design called for SVSI gear to connect it all and it’s just not in the budget for now.


We have used Avenview products from B&H. They are about $150/ea for senders/receivers. The senders blast out to all of the receivers on the network. We created a subnet just for this video setup, and can send the video feed anywhere we want now essentially as long as we hook up a receiver and patch it into the VLAN

We ran network to our tv’s in a remodel several years ago and never used it. We instead used a digital HD TV Modulator for a while (runs over coax). The problem was the audio delay. We now only use HD-SDI runs from our switcher with cheap SDI to HDMI converters. It works really well and hardly any delay.

Jeremy, what converters do you use for HD-SDI?

I’m pretty sure we use these Monoprice 3G-SDI to HDMI Converter - and this 1x4 splitter for more TV’s
Pretty cheap actually compared to having to get IP boxes for each TV and almost no lag.

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