Video File Lifecycle Management

I’m looking for a solution to a problem a lot of you guys probably face, so hopefully you can help point me in the right direction or we can research together.

We have a variety of video assets both raw and edited. We need a system that will allow us to manage the retention of these assets over time. Ideally we would be able to keep assets most likely to be used readily available over the local network while some of the longer-term archival material could be stored in S3/Glacier or Backblaze B2. I’d also like the workflow for the editors to be as simple as possible.

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Oh and for bonus points stuff that goes to S3/Glacier/Backblaze should be re-encoded to a more efficient codec like h.264 rather than original footage.

Let me know when you find the right solution. :wink:

That said, I’m also actively researching on this topic, I’ll let you know if I come up with anything worth mentioning…

I’m wondering if there might be a digital asset management (DAM) solution that would fit most / all of this bill?

Our media team uses EditShare. I don’t know much about it, but maybe it is an option for this.

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Thanks Ben! I’ll definitely take a look at them.

Be prepared to ask for about 7 rounds of discounts. Even after their initial 30% off discount. Their list for an 8TB drive is $1300. :sweat_smile:

All that aside, the EFS looks very interesting.

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