Video Conferencing

Hey everyone! What are you guys & gals using for video conferencing out there? We are currently leveraging LifeSize Room 220s w/ Zoom connector at our campuses at Pinelake. They are really starting to show their age and they are no longer being supported by LifeSize.

I have looked at Zoom Rooms and HighFive so far. For those of you that are using Zoom/Zoom Rooms what hardware are you using?

We’ve been HighFive customers almost since they launched. I’ve seen all the new hardware being announced as well as a simpler pricing model but the reason we’re moving off their system has to do with their back end performance and ultimately the user experience setting up and connecting to a meeting. Even despite high speed fiber between campuses, optimized traffic/protocol policies, we’ve seen issues with video/audio quality a the platform grew in popularity. They just couldn’t keep up with demand. To join a video conference call on audio only isn’t possible until the meeting begins, it’s number is randomly generated only then and cannot be published ahead of time. Some people never could grasp how their meetings were created and accessed (pinless). We’re strongly considering Zoom. I posted a similar ? in the General area - so hopefully it gets moved here.

Hey Rob! Thanks for your reply! We looked into HighFive as well, and ultimately didn’t go with them based on their pricing model, it wasn’t very enticing to our numbers guy.

We DID decide to go with Zoom Rooms… we already use Zoom in some of our ministries for communicating to external users and have had absolutely no complaints, so it was almost a no-brainer to go to Zoom Rooms for our conference rooms. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions regarding Zoom as I have used that platform for many years.

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