Video Conferencing Platform & Meeting Rooms

(Rob Honma) #1

Currently using HighFive for video conferencing but users are asking for Zoom Rooms. What’s everyone using for their VC platform and can you go into how you’re designing your meeting rooms. Using O365 for calendaring/resource management. Anyone using QSYS for AVL room control? We have Extron, but requires a certified programmer.

(Alex Conner) #2

Have you tried Teams conferencing? It integrates well with the rest of the ecosystem and the rooms equipment is …getting there.

(Steve Klein) #3

We just use Google Hangout when needed but definitely need something more robust.

We use Google Calendar to track our conference rooms and eSpace for facility management.

(K Papalia) #4

We use zoom. We decided to go with their online option rather than the option that pins you down to one conference room. Now people hold meetings wverywhere in our building.

There were discounts for Zoom in techsoup.

Zoom’s support is fantastic. I’ve got a department head here that will jump on my head at the least hint of trouble. I had no way of proving it wasn’t me when we were using oovoo.

Zoom can pinpoint it to the exact component on the computer that’s failing. It turns out one of the participants on a regular Wednesday web meeting had a host of things wrong with his computer AND his network. I was never able to get him to pursue the audio problems. (I think he grew tired of me finding things wrong in his setup. So he has to use the phone.).

Anyway, I was on my way to an ulcer beforeZoom. Now I don’t dread Wednesday’s anymore

(Rob Honma) #5

Yes, some of our users are using it point to point. It’s defintely something we’re watching. Hope MS continues to develop it.