Video captur device

We are broadcasting a speaker live via Zoom in June. Can anyone recommend an HDMI to USB capture device that will work with a laptop? Our Canon XA11 video camera is capable of HDMI out.

I’ve tested things with our older Panasonic DVC20p (RCA out) video camera and laptop. We have a Haupauge USB Live 2. Zoom is capable of using the audio and video from the camera through the Haupauge device but the video is a little pixelated on the edges when the speaker moves.

The HDMI out camera is brand new. The department head doesn’t want just anyone to use the camera. I can’t run this webinar because of a prior commitment. That means one of my users has to run the event using the older RCA out camera. They may have to live with the pixelated edges.

(If I can manage to get a screen shot showing the pixilation, Zoom said they MAY be able to suggest a fix.)

Since I know this department head is going to want to someday stream with the XA11 (HDMI out) video camera, I thought I’d get a newer model capture card and see if I can somehow use it with the older camara and some sort of adapter.

Zoom defaults to ~600kbps for video streams when not in HD mode, so that’s definitely going to show some pixelation if you’re panning the camera. Generally speaking, meeting services are going to optimize for lower bitrates, better battery life and static video so they’ll have longer keyframe intervals, etc. To get the higher bitrate with the existing camera you’d need a capture device that can upscale or a converter like that can do the upscaling on the input side and an HD Capture Card like the Elgato CamLink or Magewll.

I sent question to our AV director, and he sent me this link:

I know the Magewell and Elgato products show up as a standard webcam which makes use with Zoom, etc. pretty simple. I’m not immediately able to confirm that to be the case with the Intensity.

This is what it’s doing.

I bought the magwell device. It should be here tomorrow.

Oh, that’s interlacing. The Magewell should be able to deinterlace that for you.

And so it did. The Gana up scaler and the Magwell capture device worked with our older Panasonic video camera. The video was perfect in Zoom. I just noticed the Gana upscaler was set for 720 instead of 1080p but I’m not changing a thing right now.

Later in June we are trying things with our newer Canon XA11 which we want to use for Facebook live and for other events.

I put together a manual a kitten could follow. So, I think we’re ready for our event. Thanks for your suggestions.