Vendors/Suppliers of Meraki Gear

(David Carroll) #1

Hi All,

I’m looking to discover additional vendors who carry Meraki products. I am aware of both Mirazon and Data Strategy, but at this time I don’t know of any others that sell Meraki gear. Any ideas?


(Brandon Hollern) #2

We purchased Meraki APs from Hummingbird Networks…they ended up being the best price for our APs + a 5 year license.

(Russell Slack) #3

We have used CDW. They have provided the best price for us.

(Kenny Martin) #4

We still use our original vendor, Presidio, after learning that the best discount on list we can get is 44%. Another vendor is Rhino.

(Joe Jarvis) #5

We used iT1 four our Meraki APs, MX’s, and Z1’s - Justin Westrich -

(Jeremy Good) #6

We’ve used for most of our purchase. They did some big discounts on our big order as well.

(Todd Nelson) #7

We have purchased all of our Meraki gear from connection. They used to be PC Connection but dropped the PC.

(Mark Simmons) #8

David, I just got back from vacation and saw this. I would contact Meraki. In this and one other organization I found they did an excellent job in making a match. They have vendors that specialize in helping organizations by size, industry, types, and geographies.

Mark Simmons

(Nick Miller) #9

Softchoice is a good vendor to work with. They can also help with a lot of other issues such as licensing, not just sales.