Veeam Backup to Azure

Has anyone tried to backup or replicate backups directly to Azure from Veeam? If so, how did you go about doing it? We currently backup locally and replicate to another site but with the Azure credits I can get as a non-profit, I’m looking at backing up to the Azure cloud rather than our remote campus. I’m curious what others have done.

Veeam 9.5 has direct backup to Azure built in… or are you referring to free Veeam?

I’ve got the paid version. I saw where you can use Veeam to restore a VM to Azure but I’m not seeing how to backup copy or replicate to Azure.

I do see how I could spin up an Azure VM and install Veeam on it connected to Azure Storage and replicate/backup copy that way but so far that’s the only way I’ve seen how to make it work.


Sorry, Brad, you’re right. I was mixing up two different features. Looks like you need to set up an Azure VM as a Veeam repository in order tonbacknup to Azure storage. Veeam Backup to Azure - Veeam R&D Forums

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