Using Ministry Platform with Planning Center for Worship Leaders

Hi everyone,

Is anyone currently using Planning Center Services in conjunction with Ministry Platform?
Our church is looking to most likely start the move over to MP soon, and as has been discussed here before, many worship teams (our included) really enjoy Planning Center. I would like to give our worship staff a good tour of how (if we can) use the two in conjunction. Is there much integration there? Or any tips or experiences anyone could share?

Luke Shumate
The Moody Church-Chicago

We use a third-party product called PCO connect and it works really well to pull planning center information into ministry platform. We can link up specific details from planning center to programs and ministries and groups in ministry platform. This allows our worship team to continue using planning center the way they normally would, but then it allows us to have all of the details of who participated in which event on the worship team. It automatically generates events and participation records based on our criteria. It does not right back to planning center, but I actually kind of like it that way. If you would like more details about this, I would be happy to give you a brief demo of what our experience is like or I can pass you along the contact info of the company who wrote the integration.

There’s also a demo on his website:
Points North Systems, Inc. - PCO Connect


Hey Chris,

Thanks for the info! That’s all very helpful. I may come to you a little while later for a quick demo if you’re willing!

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