User Doc from File Server to OneDrive

I am looking at moving all our user docs to OneDrive. Here is an interesting problem I just thought of.

Our desktop users currently redirect their Documents folder to a folder on a file server. If we now redirect it to OneDrive, that means all files will then be copied onto their hard drive, some of which are too small because we have not stored docs there in the past.

Any ideas other than replacing hard drives? Is there someway to have the OneDrive local copy still be on the file server?

If you sync each user’s OneDrive down to their PC, it will create a folder in the documents folder. Anything you put in that folder will be sync’d up to OneDrive. Does that help? The files would still take up space though so maybe not.

Right, so my problem is not having enough space on the local hard drive for all their documents.

Wondering if there are any solutions for this other than a new hard drive, like maybe using the their file server folder as the place to store the local copies of OneDrive.

The Windows 10 Fall Creators update now allows for Files On Demand. So the user can choose which files from OneDrive get synced locally and which are only stored in the cloud.

I am not sure how this works with Mac clients, but it works well for our Windows clients who have the Windows 10 Fall Creators update.

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I cannot really ask users to not sync some of their docs.

Anyone have any input on the idea of the local sync folder being on a file server?

It will not let you change the location of the sync folder to a network drive. I tried and it failed. My research showed no fix for the situation. It must be on the c:\ drive.

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