UPS for workstations

Our power just blipped off for a few seconds again. It seems to do that here about once or twice a year. Servers are all on UPS, but not workstations. You guys have a recommendation for a UPS with surge protection affordable enough to use on each workstation?

APC used to make consumer grade UPS with surge protection for giving you about 5 minutes/PC for about $100. I purchased one a bit larger from best buy a few years so because we had lots of brown outs in our area. for a consumer grade product they seem solid.

I have purchased four Tripp Lites over the past couple of years that I have had a lot of luck with. My PC is on one (for the very problem you had!). With a powerful desktop PC and two large monitors, the LCD display shows I have 13 minutes of battery power. Link below to the model…

I’ve used CyberPower 685AVRs and been pleased with them. They cost around $70. The battery needs replacing every 3 years or so.

We’ve switched almost exclusively to Eaton batteries.

Every desktop in IT has them. Most every other client is a laptop.

We went to all laptops for staff computers in 2016. An unexpected side benefit was the built in battery. If you’re budgeting $100 per workstation, you might be able to budget that extra $$ to go mobile if you’re not already.

Desktops… We installed Cyberpower 300a rackmount UPS’s with network monitoring card at most of our venue FOH computers for around $300/ea. We set up SNMP alerts to notify us when batteries go bad.