Upgrading From Presonus Studio Live 16.4.2

As the caption reads, we are looking to upgrade. I have looked into the Presonus series III line. The deal breaker is that it does not have more than 16 XLR inputs on ANY aboard.

What we (I) are looking for are:

  1. Network accessibility
  2. more than 16 xlr inputs
  3. able to connect to pc
  4. able to connect 4 mains and 4 subs
  5. able to use an app to control preferably android

I come from an analog background. This is the first digital mixer I have ever used. It’s nice and all but I kinda miss using knobs.

Thank you for your suggestions. God Bless and pray my strength in the Lord.

The X32/M32 would probably work well for you. It ticks all of the boxes you asked for and is reasonably priced.