UnAttended/Remote Access

What are you using for this?
We currently just use RDP but that doesn’t work great for remote hands/support.

we use teamviewer - corporate license allows for 3 concurrent sessions

We have tried

Teamviewer - Very powerful but renewal can be expensive
AnyDesk - Free and very light client (my preference is to use this)
Zoho Assist through Spiceworks - web based but slightly laggy compared to the two above

I think of remote access and remote support as two separate solutions.

Remote support is pretty easy - practically any solution will fill the roll.

Remote Access is a bit more complicated. Because it’s used by employees as their primary work tool - a tool they spend a good chunk of every working day in - it needs to support high frame rates, low latency, native resolutions, multi-monitor, SSO to the user directory, etc etc. For this there are many options which say they work, but not a lot which work well in practice.

If you have a pure windows environments, we use RDP via RDS or Parsec for Teams.

RDS licensing (for RDP) is much cheaper than Parsec, but RDP only works well when you have full AD infrastructure, DNS auto-registration of clients, and NPS bound to Azure for MFA.

Parsec on the other hand natively supports AAD/SSO, and can work with zero dependency on AD, DNS, NPS, etc, etc.

For remote access of macOS environments, we tend to look at either Splashtop Enterprise, or more recently Jump Desktop for Teams.

Of all the above, only really jump desktop fits the bill as both a remote access and a remote support tool, but it’s also the least performant of the bunch.

For remote support I like ScreenConnect (now known as Connectwise Control), Splashtop, and GoToAssist.

There are a lot of solutions out there. You need the security no matter what you do, but pay a lot of attention to the performance if your going to have end users regularly in the system. -K

We use a combination of things.
Remote viewing:

  • Team Viewer (Primary)
  • RDP with custom port
  • realVNC
  • ARD

Remote Management:

  • Hyena
  • ARD
  • SSH
  • Computer Management

We’ve tried to find tools that consolidate things but honestly it’s hard to find one thing that does it all really well. However, TeamViewer is pretty fantastic for remote client support and well worth the money if you can afford it. I would not use RDP without using a custom port and even then it doesn’t come without security risks.

We use Splashtop. We switched from LogMeIn a few years ago because of the continual spiral of pricing of LogMeIn.

Splashtop gives users remote access they need and I can log in for remote support with their SOS option that is in their Splashtop Business Access plan: https://www.splashtop.com/

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We use connectwise control, formally known as screenconnect. It has unattended access for Mac’s as well as PC’s. You can also issue commands to the machines without actually opening the session. It also has standard meeting and ad hoc remote support as well.

I think the feature we love best is the pricing structure. Its unlimited machines and unlimited agents. You pay for how many agents can be remoted into a session at one time. The only thing it does not support is chromebooks. But for everything else its served us very well.

Don’t forget that Windows 10 has Quick Assist.

We have had a lot of success utilizing SplashTop. Billed by the number of endpoints but they can be easily grouped together, unlimited number of tech agents can be assigned to individual endpoint, groups of endpoints, or all systems. This is perfect for us so that we can give the end user access to just their computer, their 3rd party tech company access to just their location, and we retain access to all locations.
Mobile app on my phone gives me access to endpoints (all though very small screen / can still zoom in), and fix problems without carrying around a laptop.

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