UCAAS Integrations with Rock RMS

We are a telecommuncations consulting firm and Church IT Network Partner. I am working with a client who uses Rock RMS. We are trying to help them evaluate hosted voice / UCAAS solutions. They currently have a Lumen phone system and use a third party to integrate their solution with Rock RMS. It’s not meeting their needs. They would like to implement a new UCAAS solution.

I am seeking information about UCAAS solutions that are already integrated with Rock RMS and hoping that there is a solution that will allow our client to dial out of their UCAAS solution and the activity will be logged in Rock. One example is that they have groups, sometimes of over 2,000 members. They would like to be able to send a text to all the members of the group from their UCAAS solution using their DID. They would like that communication to map over and be logged into Rock RMS activity history.

Does anyone know of a solution that already has this type of integration? Has anyone done something similar with Rock and a UCAAS solution?

Thank you,

Brad Lynde
Lynde Consulting

One of the largest limitations in Rock to this has been that it only supports a single SMS integration at a time. I don’t believe that has changed. You can set up more than one, but only one is used with no ability to set up different numbers to different providers.

There are some voice platforms that both handle SMS and integrate with Rock tightly as a CRM, however they don’t allow you to send/receive SMS in Rock using those numbers while also being able to use them in the UCAAS solution.

Check out Intulse - https://intulse.com/

Thank you for the reply. This is very helpful. Do you know some of the vendors who have the better integrations? Do you mind sharing, either on here or by emailing me? brad@lyndeconsulting.com

Chris, I see you were suggesting intulse. I am going to reach out to you. Thanks,