Ubiquiti Equipment For Sale

Hi Everyone,

I have some Ubiquiti equipment which we no longer need. I’ve listed below with our purchase price, what I’m asking, as well as brief notes on how the equipment was used and/or why we are no longer using it. Let me know if you have any questions!

Description Qty Avail. Cost Asking
Ubiquiti Cloud Key 3 $80/ea $50/ea
Ubiquiti NanoStation M2 2 $80/ea $70/ea
Ubiquiti UniFi AP 2 ? Free w/Purchase

And here are the explanatory notes I mentioned:

  • The UCK cloud keys were used at a few of our mobile locations briefly, but they don’t handle having the power suddenly dropped every week and didn’t always come back online automatically so I moved to using a VPS in the cloud as their controller…as long as you aren’t mobile, these work pretty well on small to medium networks.
  • The NanoStation M2 we were looking at installing at multiple mobile campuses - we bought three, one for each campus - but have decided to utilize them only at one campus. The two I’ll be selling are new in the box.
  • The UniFi APs are old models - several years old at least (I’ve been here three years and they were put in quite a while before me) - still seem to work but I replaced them recently with UniFi AP AC Pro’s. I’d only use them in low use, low urgency situations.

I’m open to taking offers on any/all of the above. You’ll pay our cost S&H, we can ship by UPS or otherwise if desired.


Hey Dave.

I’d like just your cloud keys. Just shoot me a total to with shipping to 8500 Woodsonia dr, Lenexa, KS 66227.


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Any chance you’re willing to sell those APs separately?

Hi Charles - The UniFi AP’s or the NanoStation’s?


Hi Dave,

The UnifiAPs. I know you listed them as a pairing with another purchase, but just wondering if you’d be willing to let them go by themselves. And if so, how much?


Hi Charles,

Apologize for the delay. Yes, I’ll send them to you separate, if you’ll cover the cost of S&H. Shoot me a message with your shipping address and I’ll ship them and let you know how much to reimburse me.


Awesome, thanks! Message incoming.

Spoke with Unifi engineering and they will no longer be making the Cloudkey controller. It’s has some major performance and stability issues that UBNT isn’t willing to fix. When it locks up and you have to do a warm reset or cold reboot, you run the risk of corrupting the configuration file (Mongo DB). There are a lot of videos on how to recover your site configurations, but it’s 50-50 at best. The standalone windows controller (w/Java) still seems like the best option, but obviously not for mobile church applications.

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Did UBNT share what is the future of Unifi? Cloud hosted controller?

Personally, I host a UniFi controller on Azure. That way you can have multiple “sites” for different campuses. With the MS philanthropies grant (5k/yr), I have no cost of running the controller. If you are using that grant for other things, you can easily set the VM to startup and shutdown on a schedule or only run it when needed. I would be more than happy to share more about the setup for anyone interested.

MS is incredibly generous with this program and a great “call out” on how to use this donation!

Strange I thought it is USD$5,000 sponsorship per year on Azure? That is what I have been getting according to my statements.

Good catch. You are correct. My fingers were moving faster then I could proof read.

I’ve moved away from Cloud Keys entirely and use DigitalOcean for hosting a CloudController that handles multiple sites. They just weren’t as reliable as needed and the cost for hosting becomes much less the more sites you have…that said, for someone to save a few bucks with a smaller, single campus, Cloud Keys might still be a good option.

Just a note that the Azure donation is still 5000, but Microsoft have taken 1500 to give you 50x EMS E3 licences so you only have 3500 for general Azure spend as far as I can tell. Another option is the free tier of Google cloud will just cover 1 cloud controller ( I use this for home) or an AWS donation :).

Hello Iain.

My org’s Azure Sponsorship is the full USD$5,000/year that is used for my Azure VMs and DBs etc. My org’s Office365 licenses are not included in the sponsorship statement.

If you are not using the EMS E3s you should disable them. They are optional and should not be on by default.

Hmmm…Looks like they aren’t discontinuing the Cloud Key after all, just making it better.

Hopefully that’s true. Maybe just referring to the current model being phased out - that version UC-CK had performance and stability issues.

$3 a month should be all it costs to run a Unifi controller. They don’t need much spec or power.

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Where are you hosting for $3/mo.? :slight_smile: I can do $5 at DO for a small instance, though I’m running at $10 because we’ve got a large number of devices across several campuses.

I think the biggest challenge for most would be trying to get it all setup, not that the cloud key was exactly easy setup either (not too bad if it worked correctly…but I found that not always to be the case).