Ubiquiti DVR/Camera Recommendations

(Mark D'Angelo) #1

Hi everyone,

Last month at the midwest regional I heard a lot of people recommend Ubiquiti DVRs and Cameras as an upgrade to our current situation. We are looking to add a few new camera locations and are considering a Ubiquiti Unifi DVR that can expand for many more cameras (30+) as we slowly replace our current Panasonic dinosaurs.

For those that are using Ubiquiti DVRs, can you send me a link to the one you are using? As well as the cameras? Are all of the cameras pretty much compatible? I found this already: Ubiquiti Networks UniFi UVC-NVR with 2TB HDD. We don’t need the latest and greatest but is that the best option?

Do all of the cameras have to be on the same switch? Or can the DVR find other Ubiquiti cameras on the network as long as they are on the same VLAN? Also, can the switches be non-Unifi?

If anyone has a contact for a re-seller (that would know more on this) or any other general advice on the topic that would be much appreciated.


(Tom Templin) #2

Mark, the company I work for, Ciber, resells Ubiquiti. I would be happy to provide a quote!

For the DVR, you can either use the Ubiquiti UVC-NVR-2TB appliance for an easy solution, or you can build your own using their free DVR software. For example, they have an Ubuntu 64-bit version that you could install onto virtual machine running Ubuntu, and that way you could control the number of vCPUs, RAM, and storage.

Using the NVR appliance, you could also attach external USB 3.0 storage, or iSCSI NAS for more space. But with their appliance, I would keep the number of cameras down to no more than 20-30 for best results. With the VM, scaling just depends upon the resources you provide to the VM.

The cameras do not have to be on the same switch, nor same subnet. Switches can be any brand. You just have to tell each camera the IP address of the DVR. You can find each camera via your DHCP server.

Tom Templin

(Mark D'Angelo) #3

Thanks Tom! That is very helpful. I think building our own would be the way to go.

I will send you an email and perhaps we could talk about the different types of cameras.


(Isaac Johnson) #4

To add to what Tom pointed out, this also depends somewhat on whether or not all the cameras are recording at the same time. With a church it’s pretty likely with all the movement on a Sunday that all the cameras can get engaged, but if you have 5 cameras out on the back field or in areas with relatively low traffic then it’s less of an issue. Personally, I’m a fan of the Unifi switches (and in some cases the Edgeswitch line), I had a church get struck by lightning last week and while it murdered just about every ethernet port and pots line on everything else, the 4 USW-24-250W in the building were all okay initially, although one started boot looping a few days later.