Tracking Online Metrics

What metrics are you using to track attendance/participation for your live-streaming or online campus?

Hey Kyle great question…

We use a hybrid of metrics mostly steaming from device count.
We have a online response card that we use to gauge how many people each device on average represents… for over 3 years that average is 1.8 on the weekend services. So we use that as a factor in our ‘attendance’.

We also look at the time a device stays connected and we are looking some at the google analytics of our online campus page.

We are evaluating right now using a Sunday +6 day archive metric but haven’t formally put that in place yet.

Does that give you some ideas of what you are asking?

Thanks Jason. That helps.

There seems to be several options and I think we are landing at using Unique Views and minutes per view. People per device is something I hope to do.

Although we have been using livestream for a over a year, we are “officially” getting ready to launch our online campus and have a bit of a mess we are trying to work through.

We are trying to tie together the folks that are watching our 3 services at with those that are going to our website where we use the Church Online Platform pulling in Livestream. We have started using the chat interaction feature of Church Online and would love to get everyone viewing at to move over to Church Online as a full Online Campus develops.

Plus of course, we are using FB Live for our final service Sunday. And then at you mentioned, the +6 is yet another metric. Trying to combine all of this in a meaningful way…well I know you understand.

How are you doing your online response card?