Tips for Attendees

Contribute your tips below. I’ve got a couple:

  1. Change your subscription to the 2018 National Conference category here on the forum so you get emails about what happens over here. By default you’ll only get the digests, so be sure to crank it up so you don’t miss anything!

  1. Join the conversation in real-time on Slack. If you haven’t joined the Slack group, head over to the website and get connected. Once you’re in, be sure you’ve joined the #conference_chatter channel and get the app on your phone.

  2. Add the event schedule to your mobile device’s home screen. Head over to and login and make sure it’s added to your home screen for quick reference. Things move quick and this makes it super easy to see where you’re supposed to go next.

  3. The hotel’s wifi is probably going to be terrible, too many tech-heads in a small space. Plan accordingly :slight_smile:

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Good tips, Alex! Thanks!