Ticketing System - what's your recommendation?

We’ve hit the point where having a ticketing system both for IT requests and Facilities request is very necessary. We have about 55 people on staff with 1.5 IT guys and a facilities crew of about 8. I don’t have IT developer resources.

We migrated to Office 365 in Sept last year so an ideal solution would be on that platform but I’m interested to hear from you all. What ticketing system do you use and what do you like and dislike about it?

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We use Spiceworks for I.T. - Free, simple setup , lots of features (a good number we don’t use) and a large helpful community. Takes some horsepower on the server side if you want it to be snappy, but nothing unreasonable. We have 1.5 IT guys as well :slight_smile:

We’ve used OS Ticket for facilities and publications in the past, it does well and is free too. It wasn’t my favorite, for some reason we had trouble getting the cron jobs to work reliably - Spiceworks has been much more reliable but way over featured for facilities/publications. We’re actually working on doing this through RockRMS now, but I don’t think workflows trigger from emails yet which is what would be ideal for our situation.

I have no idea what is available in Office 365 to meet that kind of need.

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I’m looking at using FreshService.com for our ticketing system. I’m just one IT guy and we have our graphics dept wanting to use it for graphics requests. It allow for forwarding an email as a ticket which is nice. It also allows for doing asset tracking and turning tickets into problems which marries a set of tickets to an asset. It’s free for up to 3 people and 100 assets and they do NPO discounts. They also have an app to working tickets on the go.

I tried and didn’t really like OS Ticket, it lacked a bunch of stuff and was never 100% reliable.

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I just setup Jira Service Desk. It’s only $10 for a self hosted version with 3 service desk users. I also setup an add-on called Insight to track my computer equipment and attach tickets to, and then Confluence for documentation and knowledgebase. I’m still deploying to my users, but for only $30 for a year of updates and self host it was the best option for me.

I’m comfortable using Linux and setting it up though. If you want their cloud version it’s $10/month per software for the smallest packages.


SupportPal used to have a free license when it was called Arctic Desk.

We are using DeskPRO for 3 of our teams. Moved from Spiceworks. Have 1 holdover on Spiceworks.

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We’re on TeamworkDesk https://www.teamworkdesk.com/ … switched from kayako a little over a year ago … prior to the we were on spiceworks.
We like TD and our users seem to like it as well. We’re on a grandfathered free version (up to 150 tickets/mo), but they don’t offer that anymore unless they’ve recently re-opened it to churches.

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+1 for Spiceworks. It does the trick for our Building, Facilities, and IT teams. We have Meraki MDM for more of the troubleshooting needs, so our helpdesk software didn’t need a ton of bells and whistles.

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Thanks everyone for your replies! We’re looking at options. I’m trying to stay away from solutions we have to host on servers onsite, we just don’t have the resources to support it, hence the hope there is something which integrates with O365.

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Hey Justin,
Have you seen this helpdesk application on the Microsoft Store?

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@jpowell Do you guys use their project side as well, or just the help desk? How did it compare to spiceworks since you’ve used both?

Hi Andy,

The link takes me to a blank page on the office store. Can you resend the link? If I got it right the name is “oerie”? I tried searching for that and didn’t come up with anything. Interested to check it out if it integrates with O365.


Hey Justin,
Sorry about that. I guess I should have checked the link. It looks like that has been removed from the Office Store.
Dr. Google told me there are several that work of SharePoint/Office 365.
This one may be worth a look.

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Justin, have you checked out eSPACE? Built specially with churches in mind.