Thoughts on Sophos UTM

Hello everyone, first post!

My church is looking to purchase a new Gateway UTM from Sophos, specifically the SG/XG 330. We currently have a SonicWall NSA 3500, which has served us well. We are looking at the SG 330 because on paper it seems to be a better UTM than the NSA 3600 (current version of our NSA).

Before we switch over, we wanted to see if other churches used Sophos UTMs and what their experiences were with it.

I have compared and tested both the Sophos UTM solution and the Watchguard UTM solution. In my opinion the Watchguard solution out performed Sophos. It was an easier UI to manage the device, had a lot more functionality, and throughput tests had better results. The price was about the same for the comparable device but the yearly subscription fee was a little cheaper with Watchguard.