Thoughts about Churchteams

We’ve been using ChurchTeams for a number of years in our Small Groups ministries. It has done exactly what our Small Groups pastor has requested.

We recently migrated to RockRMS, and will soon have that process finished. Rock was the best fit for where we are headed in terms of accessibility and integration capabilities for our org.

I have no complaints about ChurchTeams (I would have said UI before the overhaul; good job!). The only thing I don’t prefer is the login method; I get why you do it, but I prefer a more traditional user/pass per person scenario (w/ SSO/OAuth options)

Thanks for the kind words Shawn. I don’t know if you knew that we did change the login method as well a few years ago. We just didn’t mandate it for clients. So, now we have a strong notification system for everything guests, members, volunteers and leaders need but just as strong a login system to track highest level volunteer and staff engagement and establish security. Have you been able to transition groups over to Rock yet?

That’s good info. I guess we never transitioned.

We have our groups all in Rock; there is some information that our small groups pastor is working on verifying accuracy of and then manually updating in Rock (Schedules, Locations, etc.). That process has been helpful from a data integrity position (we have areas where data was not accurate in ChurchTeams or Rock).

Yes, consolidating data is definitely the preference and better at the end of the day.