Thirtyseven4, Big Sur and MDM

Is anyone successfully deploying Thirtyseven4 to Big Sur using an MDM solution?

We are currently attempting to use Jamf Pro, but running into KEXT (Legacy System Extension) issues. Based on my research, Apple is deprecating KEXTs. While they are still support in Big Sur, there is no way to completely and silently approve them through a MDM. Instead, you always get a notification for approval.

In the case with Thirtyseven4, this prompt shows up twice and requires two reboots. Having an issue finding a way to deploy without touching each computer or walking non-technical users through the install.

This is my hope that someone knows something I don’t! haha… Thanks in advance.

Yeah, we have a process in place that we are reviewing now. If I come up with anything I’ll let you know. The approval pop ups really make things difficult sometimes because the users never do what it says. Kind of like the Windows Vista days with UAC [insert cold shudder] :cold_sweat:

We couldn’t get 37-4 to work reliably in Big Sur. We’re announcing a spec change soon-- watch for our tweet!

We did end up getting 374 to install (and work) on Big Sur, but only on 11.0.1. But that was only through a manual install (manually approving the Legacy System Extensions). We were never able to get a silent install to work via MDM.

FYI: 374 support did tell me this morning that they just release a new version of the Mac client with better Big Sur support. I’ll check that out later in the week and see if there are any improvements. Still looking for a way to silently approve the KEXTs thought.

Unfortunately, we found that it would stop working every 3-5 weeks or so, and would have to be manually uninstalled and cleaned out. Then reinstalled.

I see. I’m testing the updated client they released yesterday, so I’ll see how well that works.

I’m interested in what product MBS recommends moving forward. We are looking into Sophos, ESET, and Jamf Protect. 374 has worked great on our PC’s, but the Mac client seems to be continually 12-18 month behind Apple in development.

We’re set to announce it this Monday…