The Role of IT in Access Controls

We have seen this move more the past few years…and it is interesting to read this article. I believe we are going to see a more intentional move toward many if not all of the church facility integrations being accomplished with API’s and other IT driven initiatives.

This is a good read.

Good stuff in that publication. I’ve taken on the access control from the facilities guys because they just weren’t understanding, managing, and maintaining what they already had. I researched and ultimately ended up getting trained on installing the card access system we are going with. I’m in the process of buying and installing 20 doors across 8 locations right now with Infinias by 3xLogic.

Hey Jeremy…thanks for sharing. It is interesting that you reference 3XLogic…we just finished Beta test to have eSPACE be able to lock and unlock doors with Infinias as part of the event schedule for events.

Very cool.