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Had a request come in to use TextinChurch.com to send text messages to new here / guests. Wondering if others have experience with this service or some similar service and what your thoughts are? Biggest advantage I’m seeing is its native integration with our ChMS - as opposed to say using Google Voice.


Dave, I am not familiar with that specific service. But generally, I would be very careful about the capabilities and implementation you choose. There are a number of new capabilities in this area and I’m seeing some put together in very thoughtful ways and others in ways that create a lot of negative feedback.

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We’ve used it. It works. One of our Jr. High pastors finds it helpful to stay connected to kids and parents.

Mobiniti is another texting solution that one of the youth pastors uses all the time for outreach and follow up to local high schools and he loves it.

Ideally you’d want to find something that integrates with your ChMS, but those two are both good for stand-alone solutions.

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Thanks for the feedback!

FYI @leftshot - CCB integrates with TextInChurch according to the latter’s site.