Tech Soup Software Vendor

What experience does anyone have with Tech Soup as a vendor? We may buy some accounting software from them, and would like any feedback. Thanks.

Unbeatable price. We got Microsoft Office a few years ago for 90% off retail. You just have to jump through a couple hoops to confirm non-profit status and eligibility.

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Experience have been great. Bought mainly Microsoft stuff and their Microsoft prices are the best.
Pretty straight forward once your organization have been approved. It may take a couple of days after your purchased, before you get the licenses and link.

Great company for non-profits. They can provide you the $3500 Azure/Microsoft credit for cloud services for profits, and unbeatable prices on donation software from Microsoft, Zoom, Adobe, etc .

I learned about Tech Soup right here on this forum. Great company that has saved us lots of money over the last few years. Wish I had known about them earlier!

They’re good. Just be cautious about some of their solutions’ requirements on non-discrimination requirements that may violate your organization’s theological or doctrinal stance.


And, as always, any discount you get is subject to change in the future so
remember… You’re saving money now, but those prices are subject to change
in the future so don’t bite off more than you can chew.

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Awesome prices but they do often have some requirements that can make it less desirable. For instance with the Zoom accounts through Tech Soup. They require a one year license all up front, rather than month-to-month options. Most of the things we have gotten have been great though. Especially Microsoft offerings.

For Microsoft stuff, get all the “donation” items from them and stick to getting the “discounted” stuff elsewhere. They are the only clearing house for donation items, but their “discounted” items are Charity Volume Licensing at full list price. Ciber (Tom Templin) among others can beat that 100% of the time.