Tech Company/Consultant recommendation

I’m always looking to partner with quality companies/consultants and was curious if the community had any recommendations. Currently, I’m looking for AWS, Tableau, and Dev capabilities around full stack PHP, Laravel, MySQL. Let me know if you have had a great experience and wouldn’t mind to share.


@jerrods I’ve been off and on again in staff positions with churches doing IT/IS/Exec-stuff… happen to be off at the moment running a dev firm. We have the dev capabilities you mention, collective portfolios of large churches and ministries, and the church staff experience you may be looking for. We also do a lot of custom corporate work in Laravel, which requires meeting pretty rigorous security standards, etc. Let me know if you want to visit.

@Jason_Reynolds would love to chat about your firm’s capabilities. Would it be best to reach out through the website contact information?


@jerrods Jerrod, didn’t see a notification on this for some reason. Sorry for delay in getting back with you. My partner Ron let me know you guys connected today though and time is being set up for a more in-depth visit with you. Excited we’ll have the chance to learn more and maybe serve your church. Thanks in advance!