Team building event for parish staff

We are hoping to bring parish staff together on Administrative Assistant’s day for team building activities, learning opportunities and a nice lunch. The theme is tentatively set as “Thank You!” This group would consist of parish secretaries as well any staff who use our church management software.

I am including our proposed activities. If anyone has additional ideas, please chime in. I have a new boss and I’d really like to knock this one out of the park.

  • We will open with an ice breaking team-building game.
  • A local doctor may provide a great session here on posture.    I've actually seen it twice and it's fantastic. 
  • Our new web-host may present on the new website opportunities on the way.
  • I'm working with some vendors on getting some swag and I hope our purchasing department can help out with a raffle item.
  • We would like to involve secretaries from our building in some of the activities.    We’ve never had a group Secretary’s day event here.  The workers are probably ripe for such an event.  Maybe morning stuff could be generic, then we break for lunch and our staff returns to work.   
  • We hope to have a brief discussion on donor management -- like the importance of saying thank you (which compliments the theme)  During this session we hope to:
  1. introduce the importance of entering names & addresses in a way that looks good on a letter. (Right now parishes use poor data entry habits.)

  2. include instruction by church management vendor staff detailing how to generate thank you letters.

  3. have the graphics department could come up with an elegant thank you card that parish staff can make in Publisher.

  4. have writers from the Communications department to come up with the wording so it sounds professional.

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