Taking your classes online

Many of our groups have taken to using Hangouts Meet, Skype, or Zoom for online small groups. What are people doing for classes where it’s a teacher leading and some class participation. Some of those classes have a video component and need to show a lesson. I find trying to screenshare the video often leads to audio and video issues. Anyone doing something like this well?

If you need to share video - share from the hosting site and let people watch it. Screensharing a video doesn’t work well for most platforms. The audio will come through fine but the video will lag or buffer horribly. Some online presenting platforms have a way to pass through the link to the video and have that stream out to participants (I think Jitsi does that w/ Youtube), but if that’s not an option, you’re better off pointing a webcam at your screen and having people watch that instead. Screen shares don’t tend to be optimized for video, but the web cam will work, if at a lower resolution.

For example, by default Jitsi limits screen shares to 5 FPS because they
optimize for resolution instead of refresh rate. If you really have to
play a video over a web conferencing tool you’ll want to use something with
a virtual webcam output like OBS.

Thanks! That’s what I thought as well just wasn’t sure if there was a solution out there that I might be missing.

With Office 365, you get access to Stream. Participants could watch the video on Stream and then come back to the meeting. It’s not perfect.

You can share system audio during a teams meeting but I don’t see anything about video yet. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/share-system-audio-in-a-teams-meeting-dddede9f-e3d0-4330-873a-fa061a0d8e3b?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US