System for Managing Communication/Promotion Requests

Hi Folks,
Multicampus Church of roughly 3.000, with roughly 1700+ in week over week attendance and going through typical organizational growing pains for this size.

What sort of project management tools does your communications teams use for receiving and managing communication and promotion requests? Have you found a way to give requestors visibility into the status of what has been approved and where it is at in the promotion pipeline? When an event changes, how do you stay on top of that from a promotions perspective for both the communications team and the requestors?

Daniel Berman
IT Manager - Bethel Church
Richland WA

Bit of a late reply.

We use a Typeform to ask a lot of questions, then it feeds into a Trello board, then it gets reviewed by those who approve or deny the level of resource needed, then as it moves across the board from concept to delivery, the different members for print, verbal, digital can chip in.

The requestor is kept in the loop in the process and there are some hard deadlines where they need to be sure things are set (date, time, verbibage)